About Us
In 1989 Ian was apprenticing at the Valade pastry shop near Vichy
and Isabelle was working as a waitress at the Hotel du Park.  After
getting married and moving back to the U.S. they both worked at the
Le Vichyssois restaurant in Lakemoor, IL. Subsequently Ian worked at
a variety of Chicago area hotels and got a degree in Foodservice
Management. Moving to Iowa in 1995, Ian worked for the Godwin
familly restaurants in a variety of jobs, including chef for Winifred's
Catering for almost 5 years. During this time Isabelle worked as a
caterer. In 2004 they decided to open Croissant do Jour. But, after
nearly 12 years of making wonderful pastries, they needed a change
of pace.  L'Auberge is something we always wanted to do.  Serving
simple, classic French dishes in a casual atmosphere.